Dr.med.dent. Georg Bendel

I was born in Upper Silesia in Poland.
In 1974 when I was 17, my family fled communist Poland under difficult circumstances.

Munich then became my second home. Developing a sense of belonging includes learning the language, finding a place of your own and – of course – getting to know friends and colleagues!

In Silesia I was in a class for pupils who were gifted at maths and physics. I took my school-leaving exam in 1978 at the Rupprecht-Gynmasium in Munich, a grammar school specialising in the natural sciences. I then studied dentistry at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich from 1979 to 1984.
I wrote my doctoral thesis entitled Kinematik der Unterkieferbewegung. Eine experimentelle Studie. [The Kinematics of Mandibular Movement. An Experimental Study.]. I worked with one of the world’s first electronic devices for contactless measurement of mandibular movement. Siemens has incorporated my supplementary patent into their production process.
Carefully chosen post-graduate courses have given me a very broad knowledge of all areas of dentistry. I am familiar with and employ alternative medical treatment if I consider it superior to orthodox medicine.

Outside of my profession, I am interested in Asian and African sculptures and especially painting. This may help explain my special affinity with dental aesthetics. Music, especially opera, also plays a major part in my life. My profession brings me into contact with lots of people, and every day I find it very rewarding to know I have helped my patients to a pain-free recovery and restored their quality of life.